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Do I Need a Prosthodontist or Cosmetic Dentist for my Dental Crowns?

I made the regrettable decision of going to Mexico to have two dental crowns placed. I needed one on the front on two on the back. The dentist told me if you’re doing front teeth you have to do both of them and I was naive enough to believe him. So I have two on […]


Can a Dental Crown Cause an Oral Yeast Infection?

I had a dental crown put in. Ever since then, my mouth has been extra sensitive. I’ve had sores in my mouth, extra saliva, bad breath, a bitter taste in my mouth, and chapped lips. Is it possible that my dental crown led to an oral yeast infection? Brent Dear Brent, You have named a […]


Should She Be Worried About This Dental Crown?

I am having some issues with my dental crown and am wondering if I should be concerned. My temporary crowns have fallen off not once, but three times. My dentist said that is pretty common and not to worry about it. But, now I find out that the lab says the impression needs to be […]