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Is a Tooth Infection Serious?

I have an issue I need some advice on. A while ago a broke a back tooth. It isn’t the wisdom tooth, but the one directly before it. I think it may have gotten infected. I have a lot of pain and now my jaw is a bit swollen. It hurts all the way up […]


Can’t Afford My Wisdom Tooth Extraction

My lower right wisdom tooth cracked some time ago. Pieces had been falling out for a while but I haven’t had money for a while, so I just let it happen. Now the tooth is super sensitive on the inside. I’m still broke. Will the tooth eventually just fall out? I don’t know what to […]


Can a Split Tooth Be Saved?

I have a split tooth with a vertical fracture. It is an upper front tooth (#4). The tooth is otherwise completely healthy but when I went to see my dentist he said there was no possible way to save the tooth. Instead, I would need to extract it and get bone grafting and a dental […]