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Can’t See My Smile

I don’t know if there are solutions for this, but thought I’d check. I absolutely hate my smile because you never can see my teeth. I have to overforce smiling to get some teeth visible. When my mouth is at rest everything just looks like a dark cavern. Something else, that may or may not […]


A Serious Case of TMJ Disorder

In my twenties, I had to have all of my teeth crowned because of a teeth grinding habit. They were not placed correctly and now have been ground down themselves. Plus, my bite is on a slant. I’m in a lot of pain and there is clicking going on in my jaw. I was feeling […]


A Case of Collapsed Bite

I wanted some advice. I absolutely hate my smile, but not for the typical reasons you usually hear from someone. My teeth aren’t visible. When my mouth is at rest, it looks like I don’t have teeth. When I smile, I have to make a great effort for my teeth to be seen. I do […]