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Confused About Why My Dental Implant Was Placed

I recently had a dental implant placed to replace a missing tooth. I was excited about the prospect of having a permanent replacement. Here is where I am a bit frustrated. When I woke up from the surgery the dentist told me there was not really enough bone support for the dental implant once he […]


My Husband’s Implant Bridge is Making Me Sick

Can you help me convince my husband to switch to non-metal dental implants? He’s got the metal ones right now and the smell is getting to me. I have to face the other direction in bed. He’s got two dental implants and a dental bridge that covers it. I’m convinced the smell is from the […]


Will a Dental Implant Show Through My Gums

I’ve lost a front tooth. It’s humiliating. I was able to get a dental flipper temporarily so I could save up for a permanent replacement. I’m trying to decide between a dental implant and a dental bridge. I do understand that the dental implant is the better option, but I am a bit concerned that […]