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Arnold, MD Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth reconstruction is a complex restorative process that involves techniques beyond those taught in dental school. Dr. Esposito has undertaken significant postgraduate training in these techniques. Her credentials include:

  • Graduate of the Dawson Academya smiling, laughing senior couple with bright smiles, such as from full-mouth reconstruction
  • Member of the Spear Faculty Club
  • Advanced training in implant dentistry at the Engel institute
  • Member of the Advanced Dental Implant Study Club
  • Extensive continuing education in implantology, cosmetic dentistry, and TMJ

Is Full-Mouth Reconstruction Right for You?

If your oral health is a source of unhappiness, we can help. Here are some problems full-mouth reconstruction treats:

  • TMJ. Many full-mouth reconstruction patients suffer from TMJ dysfunction due to an unbalanced bite. Symptoms include headaches, ear and jaw pain, and limited jaw mobility. Fixing the misaligned bite can relieve the discomfort.
  • Crooked teeth. Fixing crooked teeth can be as simple as using clear aligners. Another option is a smile makeover with porcelain veneers.
  • Extensive wear. As you age, your teeth wear down. If you tend to grind your teeth, you may have excessive wear. That can give your face a collapsed look and can cause some discomfort when eating. Dr. Esposito can restore the height of your teeth with crowns, which can make you look years younger and give you a more comfortable bite.
  • Missing teeth. If you’re missing teeth, it can cause serious problems with your bite. Adjacent teeth tend to tip into the space, and opposing teeth may super-erupt. The unbalanced bite can leave you with muscle spasms. Dr. Esposito can replace missing teeth down to the root with implants or use bridges to fill the gaps. She can also replace a full arch of teeth at once with implant overdentures, dramatically improving your smile and oral health in just a few visits.

What to Expect During Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Before beginning, we’ll examine your mouth and take 3D optical scans. We’ll also take x-rays and use cone-beam computed tomography to map your teeth and gums. With occlusal analysis, Dr. Esposito will examine your bite alignment and force. She’ll use all this information to create a treatment plan for restoring your mouth. Some parts of the plan might be simple, such as repairing cavities. Other parts, such as replacing missing teeth, are more intricate.

At the end of your treatment, our goals are that you will:

  • Be free of pain related to your teeth and jaw
  • Have a healthy mouth with a balanced bite
  • Enjoy chewy and crunchy foods
  • Feel confident about your smile

If you want to make an appointment with Dr. Esposito and learn more about full-mouth reconstruction, please call us at 410-757-6200. You can also fill out our appointment scheduling form, and we will call you back.

Here are before and after images of a patient Dr. Esposito treated with full-mouth reconstruction:

a closeup of a patient's mouth with teeth stained and uneven before full-mouth reconstruction
a closeup of a patient's beautiful, natural smile after full-mouth reconstruction