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How Often Do I Have to See a Dentist For Invisalign?

Posted by writeradmin

I would really like to get Invisalign to straighten my teeth. One thing that has me worried is the every two weeks thing. I have six children and finding a sitter is NOT easy, not to mention expensive. I don’t have family that can help. Is there any way a dentist would let me come less often?


Dear Penny,

Image of Invisalign aligners

I am glad you reached out. While you are correct that you will switch out the aligners every two weeks, even people who are not in your challenging set of circumstances will find that they only have to see the dentist once a month in order to get their aligners. At this appointment, your dentist will check that your treatment is going according to plan and will give you a month worth of aligners.

Given what you have to deal with, your dentist may be willing to stretch that out a little longer where he or she gives you three sets of aligners instead of two, as long as things are going well.

Another thing to be aware of with your Invisalign treatment is that once you put in the aligners, they will start off feeling a bit tight. This is because it is fit for the position your teeth will be moving to. This actually happens in just a few days. Then, the aligners will feel a bit loose. Some patients are tempted to switch the aligner then. Please do not do that. You need to keep them in the full two weeks. This gives the bone time to re-integrate with with the new position of your teeth roots. If you don’t allow that and continue to switch the aligners out early, your teeth will come loose and you can lose them.

A Benefit to Invisalign

Now that I’ve scared you, let me tell you about an additional benefit to wearing Invisalign. The aligners can double as teeth whitening trays. If you want to whiten your teeth, this allows you to straighten and whiten your teeth at the same time at a fraction of the cost.

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