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Should She Be Worried About This Dental Crown?

Posted by writeradmin

I am having some issues with my dental crown and am wondering if I should be concerned. My temporary crowns have fallen off not once, but three times. My dentist said that is pretty common and not to worry about it. But, now I find out that the lab says the impression needs to be redone. Is that normal too? Should I be worried about this dental crown?


Dear Candace,

a porcelain crown positioned to be placed over a prepared upper front tooth

Yes, I think you do have some reason for concern. While it is not unusual for a temporary crown to fall off once, three times is a bit much. This suggests to me that he may not be fully competent in shaping dental crowns. If a crown preparation is too short or over tapered, the tooth would have trouble retaining a dental crown. This could end up being a real problem.

As for the impression. It is unusual to need to redo one, but not completely unheard of. However, if the dentist would have examined it afterward, he should have noticed. Maybe this one slipped by him.

Taken individually, I might be tempted to give him a chance. Together, though, tells me there is something more going on here. It is very possible that this dentist is not competent. I think you need to find another dentist to do this dental crown. You are completely within your rights to switch dentists, even in the middle of a procedure. Your dentist will be under an ethical obligation to fully cooperate and provide your new dentist with all his notes and the results of any diagnostics run.

I’m glad you wrote. It will save you much more grief down the line.

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