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Can a Dental Crown Cause an Oral Yeast Infection?

Posted by writeradmin

I had a dental crown put in. Ever since then, my mouth has been extra sensitive. I’ve had sores in my mouth, extra saliva, bad breath, a bitter taste in my mouth, and chapped lips. Is it possible that my dental crown led to an oral yeast infection?


Dear Brent,

a porcelain crown positioned to be placed over a prepared upper front tooth

You have named a lot of symptoms and they can be from a variety of things. For example, the sores as well as oral yeast infections are often caused by stress. Bad breath can be from a crazy number of things, including a strep throat infection. However, combining that with the bitter taste in your mouth and the fact your haven’t mentioned a crazy sore throat, then I think it has more to do with poor oral hygiene.

Occasionally, after a stressful dental appointment, some patients with sensitivity develop what is known as burning mouth syndrome. However, that is usually accompanied by dry mouth. You are having extra saliva, so that can be ruled out.

Putting all the symptoms together, I think it is a self-induced vicious cycle. You have not mentioned any pain with the dental crown itself, such as pain when you bite down or sensitivity to hot or cold beverages. It is possible that you are being delicate with your brushing because of the sores in your mouth. That is leading to poor hygiene, which exacerbates the entire cycle.

I have seen this happen in patients before. The solution was for them to dig in there and brush and floss the way they normally would before the sores came then you will likely find everything heals up on its own. If that still doesn’t work, go in for an oral health check, just as a precaution. I don’t think it will be necessary but want to mention it on the off chance.

If there are other symptoms you haven’t mentioned, please write back.

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