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Will a Dental Implant Show Through My Gums

Posted by writeradmin

I’ve lost a front tooth. It’s humiliating. I was able to get a dental flipper temporarily so I could save up for a permanent replacement. I’m trying to decide between a dental implant and a dental bridge. I do understand that the dental implant is the better option, but I am a bit concerned that because they are made from metal they will show from beneath my gums. It wouldn’t matter if it were a back tooth, but this is a front tooth. Is this something I should be concerned about or am I overthinking things?


Dear Evelyn,

Dental implant next to a natural tooth


You were wise to get a temporary replacement in there. Not only does it help you feel less self-conscious about having a missing tooth, but it also holds that space open. When a tooth is missing, your other teeth will begin to drift or tip into that space. That means by the time you are ready for that permanent replacement your bite is thrown off. You will either need orthodontics to realign the bite or you will have asymmetrical teeth in the front. Plus, malalignment can lead to painful TMJ Disorder. By getting the dental flipper you have saved yourself a ton of money and grief. Great job!

Yes, dental implants are definitely the best replacement for a tooth. You are also correct there. They are permanently placed into your jawbone so they feel and act just like a healthy, natural tooth. If you were to get a dental bridge, which is a respectable tooth replacement, it would require you to grind down both the adjacent teeth for dental crowns. Then the replacement tooth would be suspended between them. It is always best to avoid removing any healthy tooth structure if at all possible.

While I can see why you’d be concerned about the metal in the dental implant showing, the good news is that it is an unfounded fear. Your dentist will run diagnostics to make sure everything is healthy and you are a good candidate for dental implants. If you are and you go to a dentist who has training in both dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, you will have a beautiful restoration.

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