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Teeth Whitening Using Lemons

Posted by writeradmin

My daughter’s activity leader at church is having a spa night with the girls. It is a cute idea, but one of thing things she has planned has me worried. They’re doing all-natural makeovers, which will include homemade facial scrubs, etc. The one that has me worried is the homemade teeth whitening. She’s planning on using lemons to whiten their teeth. They’re all about 10-12 years old and I’m wondering if they are too young to be whitening their teeth. Could this cause any damage?


Dear Cynthia,


You were right to be concerned. If they were to do actual teeth whitening it would be safe, though completely unnecessary at their age because they haven’t really accumulated any stains in their tender years. However, the danger lies in what their activity leader is planning to use. Lemons are bad for their teeth. Here’s why.

It is a citrus fruit, which means that it contains citric acid. The word acid is the big factor. It will etch their teeth, which damages the enamel. Our tooth enamel is what aids in protecting our teeth. With that damaged, their teeth will be more vulnerable to both staining and decay. I even recommend people do not brush their teeth immediately after drinking something with citrus. Aside from tasting terrible, which is a blessing in disguise because fewer people will do it, your toothbrush will grind any residual citric acid into your teeth, etching the enamel. If you ever do have to brush your teeth immediately after having some citrus, then it will be important that you rinse out your mouth with some water first in order to neutralize the acid.

The safest way to whiten your teeth is with a dentist who can make sure to protect both your teeth and gums. If you are looking for an over-the-counter alternative, I recommend Crest Whitestrips. Though not as effective as professional strength whitening, it does work and is safe. It will just take a lot longer than if you did it through your dentist. However, I doubt the girls will like the taste. Maybe you can suggest they do yoga or some other alternate activity to the teeth whitening. Be sure to show her this post. It’s obvious she cares about the girls because she is trying to give them a fun, safe activity. Removing the lemons will keep it safe for them.

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