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Premium Home Whitening Products?

Posted by writeradmin

I saw an advertisement for Premium Home Whitening Kit. Can you tell me if this is a valid product that will work and is safe? I have always wanted to whiten my teeth but don’t have that kind of money all at once. This seemed like a decent option.


Dear Kelly,

Teeth Whitening Trays in their case
Professional Teeth Whitening Trays

I have looked at this product. What it has going for it is the whitening ingredient. They use 35% carbamide peroxide. Not only is this a valid ingredient, it is a good strength as well. Many other over-the-counter kits are more like 6%. So, I like that. I do have a concern that may make a difference in how much money you are actually saving.

The trays they are using to keep the teeth whitening gel in is a DIY tray. This is going to have two big problems. First, it won’t keep the gel in completely. Second, it won’t keep your saliva out. When you are leaking gel, it means your teeth are not getting to full effect of the gel. It also means that your gums are exposed to the whitening gel, which can be an irritant to them. When saliva is getting into the whitening trays, it will dilute the gel. This means that the impact of the gel will be further weakened. Those issue combined means that you will have to purchase quite a few kits in order to get the same level of whitening you would with a dentist. In the long run, this won’t save you much money at all.

When you have professional teeth whitening done with a dentist, they should be making you custom fit whitening trays. This will keep the gel at it’s full strength in the trays while still protecting your gums. If the only thing keeping you from doing it with your dentist is the fee, my suggestion is to talk to him or her about it. Your dentist may be willing to allow you to pay it out. If they are not, this is not one of those procedures which requires a great deal of cosmetic training. You can shop around and just let the cheapest dentist do it. Just be certain that you have it done right after a cleaning so that your results are even and not splotchy.

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