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Luster Premium Teeth Whitening

Posted by writeradmin

Do you know much about Luster Premium Teeth Whitening? I’ve been thinking about using it, but don’t want to waste my money. Is it as effective as the reviews say? Sometimes I don’t know if reviews are legitimate.


Dear Preston,

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While there are some over the counter whitening kits that will actually whiten your teeth, such as Crest Whitestrips, this one is a phoney. Their “whitening” ingredient is a pigment from zinc oxide in their so-called Super Whitener. This pigment will stick to their teeth for a short period of time, but it does fade away. I think there is where the positive reviews likely came from. They wrote the reviews at the begining of their pigments effectiveness, not realizing it was hardly going to last.

The light itself is useless and I think it is there for mere psychological reasons. Between the fake whitening ingredient and the fake light, I guess you can guess what I think about the integrity of this company.

If you really want your teeth whitened, the best and safest way to actually do that is to go through a dentist who can give you valid ingredients as well as monitor your progress to ensure it is done safely. The good news is professional teeth whitening is much stronger than anything you can get over the counter so it will whiten your teeth much faster.

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