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Dentist Cannot Match My Implant Crown

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I had to have a dental implant placed on a front tooth. For some reason, my dentist has not been able to match it to my other teeth. I’ve had him replace the ones he’s made twice and the last time he said I am being too picky. Apparently, my teeth are whiter than the shade options available. I don’t understand how that is possible. Though my teeth are white, I know people whose teeth are whiter. He also said that if I keep messing with it, the dental implant can fall out. So, now I’m worried. Should I just leave this be? Am I being too picky?


Dear Eden,

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I will say first, that you are not being too picky! Wanting your teeth to match is not picky, especially when you are paying for them to match. My guess is you are going to a regular bread and butter dentist who does not do very much cosmetic dentistry. If he had, then he would understand the shade guides have changed.

Old Shade Guide
Old Shade Guide

In the 1990s, teeth whitening took off in popularity. Dentists, who had patients who whitened their teeth, started to notice that when they needed dental work done, such as a dental crown, there was no longer an option white enough for them. Shortly after that, a guide extension came out to help dentists to match the newer shades of teeth.

Newer Shade Guide with Extention

Under normal circumstances, this would be enough. However, you are getting a porcelain crown on a front tooth. This takes a little more work on the part of the dentist.

Color Map for a tooth

Our teeth are not uniform. Instead, they are opaque in some places and translucent in others. Your dentist would have to send to the lab what is known as a color map. This will be places the dentist marks out for the lab to put different tints and stains. Doing this gives the dental crown the appearance of the natural translucency that your regular tooth had before you lost it. An example of this type of color map is on the left.

I am going to be honest that I think your dentist is not going to be able to do this for you. He does not seem to have the cosmetic skills necessary. That is why he is pointing the blame to you as being “too picky”.

Here is my recommendation. Dental implants are usually paid for in two stages. The first is the implant stage. The second, is the crown stage. If you’ve already paid for the crown. Just ask for a refund on that part. Then, go to an expert cosmetic dentist to have your crown done.

As for his warning that you could cause the dental implant to fall off, if he placed the crown correctly, that will not be an issue. If you want, have the second dentist look at the condition of the implant to make sure it is well done before you move forward.

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