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Can Invisalign Widen My Smile?

Posted by writeradmin

When I was a child I needed braces. However, my dentist told my parents that I needed a palate expander. They couldn’t afford that so my teeth were left as is. Now I am an adult and really want to do something about it. I have had some people tell me that Invisalign can widen my smile and some people tell me that it can’t. I’m a bit confused at this point. Do you have a recommendation for me?


Dear Fran,

Invisalign aligners

The reason you are getting conflicting information is that it varies from case to case. In general, invisible braces, such as Invisalign, can widen a smile. Before you agree to anything, though, you should have the dentist show you a computer simulation of what it will look like when the process is completed. The results will depend on how much space is available. The simulation will give you an idea of whether you will be happy with the results before you invest all the money.

Every form of orthodontics has limitations. You’re dealing with a narrow plate, which means your arch isn’t wide enough for all of your teeth. During childhood, your palate is still developing and has more flexibility because it is softer. Palate expanders work wonders at that age. They are the most effective before the age of ten, though sometimes you can get away with doing them up to the age of fourteen, depending on the way that person’s body develops. After that time has passed, you need more drastic options.

Generally, they can extract certain teeth to make the room necessary to get the teeth in alignment. Each situation is unique. For instance, you may already have some teeth extracted. Different people’s teeth are different sizes. There are so many variables.

My suggestion is you get several consultations from different Invisalign dentists.

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