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Can Someone Help Me Afford Dental Implants?

Posted by writeradmin

I have a huge problem. Every part of me is healthy except my teeth. I don’t know if it is genetic or what but even my mother lost her teeth at a fairly young age even though I know she was diligent at brushing her teeth and so am I. The problem is I am a single mother and cannot afford dental implants but my dentist thinks that I need to replace my teeth. I remember my mother in dentures and she looked so old. Eventually, her dentures wouldn’t even stay in her mouth. I see my future and I’ve spent the last two days crying. Is there any possibility that if I agreed to do free advertising for them that they would give me free or at least really, really discounted dental implants?


Dear Martha,

Snap on Denture

I am sorry about the position you are in. I have some bad news and some helpful news. You won’t be able to use advertising as a way of paying for your dental implants. Unfortunately, dentists are able to get that from patients who are are pleased with their results and able to pay. There are some possible solutions for you. None are ideal, but they can help.

  • Dental Schools will often discount their services because you are having a student do the work. If you are willing to do that, it can save you a lot of money. They are supervised by an experienced instructor. The appointments are often much longer but that is because they are being instructed and supervised while it is happening and that extra caution is worth it.
  • There are a variety of dental implant options, including some that are more affordable dental implants, such as a snap-on denture. These will not have as much support and bone protection as fixed implant dentures, but it will keep you from having dentures that fall out, like your mother’s did.
  • If all of that is still unattainable, you may have to just bite the bullet and get removable dentures while you save up for one of the other options.

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