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Am I Too Old For Invisalign?

Posted by writeradmin

I am sixty years old and want to get my teeth straightened. It has been something that has bothered me most of my life. I was hoping to get Invisalign because someone told me I wouldn’t need all that metal on my teeth. When I went to see an orthodontist, he said that it is mostly for teenagers. Am I too old for this procedure? There is not a ton of difference between adult teeth and teenage teeth, is there?


Dear Corrie,

Invisalign aligners

I am glad you wrote. I suspect that your dentist is more comfortable with traditional braces, so he is discouraging you from Invisalign. To answer your question directly, no you are not too old for this procedure. In fact, it was designed for adults, who would not be comfortable wearing metal in their mouth at their age, especially in the workforce.

While teens do use invisible braces, Invisalign Teen was developed after the adult version. There’s really no difference between the two except that the teen version comes the addition of a certain number of replacement aligners in case teens lose them.

I think you’ll love them. They have a very high satisfaction rate. Don’t worry about going to an orthodontist for this. Dentists who are Invisalign certified can do this just fine for you.

You will find this procedure has a hidden benefit as well. The aligners can double as teeth whitening trays. This allows you to whiten and straighten your teeth at the same time. Your dentist can provide you with the professional strength teeth whitening gel to wear in your aligners. It’s like getting a mini smile makeover for a fraction of the cost.

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